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Saturday, September 27, 2014

PostHeaderIcon PTU Arthur Crowe's Old School Zombie Tube & Kit Tutorial

I am using the beautiful art work of Arthur Crowe.
It is a tube and kit from his site called Old School Zombie.
You must have a license to use his work.
You can get both at his site.

Open a 600 x 600 transparent canvas.
Using your magic wand, click the canvas.
C/P into selection, OldSchoolZombie_KITPaper(10).
C/P OldSchoolZombie_Kit(16).
C/P OldSchoolZombie_Kit(41) & resize 40%.
Flip this layer horizontal.
C/P tube of choice & place to your liking.
C/P OldSchoolZombie_Kit(42) & resize 20%.
C/P OldSchoolZombie_Kit(38) & resize 40%.
C/P OldSchoolZombie_Kit(30) & resize 40%.
C/P OldSchoolZombie_Kit(18).
C/P OldSchoolZombie_Kit(17) & resize 30%.

At this time, you can add the Artist Copyright & your Watermark.

Font: Darkwood from Dafont.
Foreground: #97af5f
Background: #bc1a1d
Size: 48
Stroke: 2.0

I would love to see your results for this tutorial.
Please send them to


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